MIDAC, “Serie A” batteries with Chievo Verona.

Passion and commitment, these are the keys to the partnership that started with the 2010/2011 season between the company from Soave and the Verona team, star of the major Italian football league for years. The strength of the small but determined Chievo team against big teams such as Juventus, Inter and Milan – to name a few – can be compared to the challenge MIDAC faces every day with its global competitors.

Midac’s logo on the team jerseys has helped promote the company to the general public and games played at the Bentegodi Stadium have seen hundreds of guests from all over Europe enjoy the “Serie A” show, always well supported by the Chievo Verona staff.

No year goes by without the long-awaited MIDAC Family Day: an opportunity for all the workers and employees of MIDAC SpA, so they and their families can enjoy the excitement of live football in the spirit of sportsmanship and Fair Play that has always distinguished the Chievo Verona team and its supporters.

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